wunderwood llc
Welcome to the corporate website for wunderwood llc, a multimedia company located in Salem, Oregon.* wunderwood llc is the company behind Wolfhome, Cat's Paw Island, Wizard Chat and other browser based avatar chat websites. We also created ChatWitchTM, the chat server that makes these online experiences such as Wolfhome possible!

(* Note: We moved our company to Oregon back in 2016. Thanks to a sharp eyed user for pointing out this old page. We are a small company appreciate the help!)

And Coming Soon(er or later).... ChatlandsTM, and FurrytaleTM

If you want to learn more about Wolfhome, the best way is simple! Just go check it out at www.wolfhome.com, www.catspawisland.com or www.wizardchat.com.

It turns out that setting up your own account on a Chatwitch chat site is free and easy.

As we said, Wolfhome is a browser based comic chat website. All you need is a modern web browser. You don't have to download anything else in order to join in on the fun!

The Wolfhome chat site launched on Halloween, 1999. We're entering our THIRD DECADE on the internet! Whoa!

Mission Statement: At wunderwood llc we provide world class multimedia, multi user, online entertainment.